About Us

Mosotho ka Basotho Lesotho


Bashoeshoe Pele Vehicle Fleet is a vehicle fleet management company that offers renting, hiring and transport related services. It is registered under the law of Lesotho act of 1969 and trading enterprise act of 1993

This company was founded by Basotho men and women, which makes it 100% Basotho owned business. Vehicles used within the company are owned by Basotho individuals from the 10 districts of the country. Our mission is to transform Basotho to a better standard of living in that, a vehicle will benefit a driver, the vehicle owner, company staff, the company itself, will improve the economy of the country.

Our Mission

We want to solve unemployment issues facing Basotho by providing any vehicle-owning family with means of generating income with their vehicles. We also have a chauffer service where anyone with driving skills may also yield.


Bashoeshoe Pele intends to be a leading company in the industry of vehicle rental and management. In addition to providing jobs, we also wish to help as many families as possible, by using their vehicles, and their driving skills.

We also provide vehicles for projects as may be required.

Social Responsibility

We also offer help and support for the disabled in Lesotho. We travel around the districts of Lesotho in search for crippled and disabled people and offer them support, giving them clothes and food, and sometimes tools that can help them live a better life despite their situation.